Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units in Greenville, MI

Keep your items safe from changes in heat and humidity

Temperature-Controlled Self Storage Units

Protect your prized possessions from fluctuations in temperature

Greenville Self Storage offers temperature-controlled self storage units to keep your things safe from the constantly changing temperature. 

Excessive heat or cold can cause your items to expand or contract, which damages some things. Too much humidity will ruin your electronics or appliances, and it could cause mold or mildew to grow on susceptible materials. Check with our self storage experts if you’re not sure if climate-controlled self storage units are right for the items you’ll be storing!

Items to Store in Climate Control

Not everything needs a climate-controlled self storage unit, but the following do:

  • Electronics and documents
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Art and musical instruments
  • Heirlooms and antiques

Added Security

Our facility is designed from the ground up to keep your valuables safe from outside influence. 

Upgrading to a climate-controlled self storage unit is just another step in that direction! 

While our fencing can keep out thieves, our quality temperature control can keep the constantly changing weather from degrading your items during storage. 

Ensure your stored items stay in just the condition in which you stored them with climate-controlled self storage units from Greenville Self Storage!

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